2009 08 27

Download Welson Symphony Kontakt Library 2.1 (34.4MB / 72.1MB Unpacked)

The Welson Symphony is an apparently rather obscure string synthesizer. It's most recent claim to fame was that it was partially sampled for use in SonicProjects' Stringer VSTi.

More about the Welson Symphony...

The library (or samplepack if you prefer) I made contains all sounds of the Welson Symphony. Additionally, it's completely free.
NKI- and NKM-files for use with Native Instruments' Kontakt 2 or (likely) higher are included.
Furthermore, the samples are accessible in WAV-format, so you are free to use them in any other sampler. (Although you might have to reprogram the envelope settings.)

If you like those seventies string synthesizers, but you're on a tight budget and/or you want to add some of that analog magic to your track and/or you get off on the word 'obscure' rather than 'iconic', give this library a try.
If you don't, try it anyway. It's free, you can't lose!

Apparently you can download Kontakt Player for free here. I haven't tried it myself, but KVR says it can load all Kontakt Player 2 compatible libraries. Don't know if that means it can open homebrew shit like this.
I guess it's up to you to find out.